It’s not like buying a car…

Salary negotiation is not like buying a car. Or negotiating to buy a house. Or a service. For one thing, you don’t really have to end that car negotiation with the salesperson loving you! You may never even end up seeing that person again. But when you are negotiating your salary (or the whole job offer), you are negotiating with your future boss. And even if there is an intermediary between you such as a recruiter or HR, you better believe that behind that curtain is YOUR FUTURE BOSS.

So with an offer negotiation we have to make sure that at the end of everything that happens we come away enhancing our relationship to our employer; strengthening our ties to one another. And we want to make sure that we don’t come away damaging the relationship — or even worse, destroying it totally and having the offer rescinded or perhaps us denied something the employer could have given us as a way to encourage us to turn the offer down..

I have interviewed thousands of people over the years and very few even attempt to negotiate. And I have also witnessed examples where those that attempted did so in a way that hurt their chances of getting what they wanted or even most of what they wanted.

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