Not Sure What You Want to Do?

Many people out there — maybe even you — are very unsure about what it is they want to do. It’s common in the younger crowd, the bit older crowd, and the even much older crowd. There’s confusion and uncertainty about where in the world of all these millions and millions of posted jobs, do I fit. And there is help out there for you. 

The most popular is “What Color Is Your Parachute?” 

As the review states, “With timeless advice, up-to-the-minute insights, and more than ten million copies sold over fifty years, the world’s most popular and best-selling career guide is fully revised and expanded for 2022.” 

For $16.58 you can have this in your hands right now. And for some of you, $16.58 and 352 pages later, you will have figured it out. You will know exactly what it is you want to do, how to get there, and be making progress toward that DREAM JOB you identified.  Because as the quote below points out, it’s good!  Really good. 

“One of the first job-hunting books on the market. It is still arguably the best. And it is indisputably the most popular.”—Fast Company

I’m here today, however, for those of you who tried this route, and it just did not work for you. 

You bought the book, read it cover to cover, did every exercise, and still you are not where you want to be OR even making any progress toward your dream job.  I’m not here for the 46 of you who rated this 5.0 on Amazon. I’m here instead, for those who made the valiant effort but the result is just one more “self-help book” on the shelf or in the Kindle. 

If it worked for you, then I’m so incredibly happy for you. And if you haven’t tried the $16.58 route to figure out what it is you want to do and how to get there, TRY IT! What’s the harm? It’s $16.58 (or free at your local library). And if you go Kindle for it, you will save a few bucks. 

A few more reviews to prove to you that it’s so worth it to try this route. 

What Color Is Your Parachute? is about job-hunting and career-changing, but it’s also about figuring out who you are as a person and what you want out of life.”Time

“It remains the go-to guide for everyone from midlife-crisis boomers looking to change their careers to college students looking to start one.”New York Post 

“Ideally, everyone should read What Color Is Your Parachute? in the tenth grade and again every year thereafter.”Fortune

But let’s say you did get it, and you read it, cover to cover, and here you are months (maybe years later) still utterly confused about what it is you want to do and how to get there. Now what?

It might be that for this you need more than a book — even if it is the best book in the whole world, in human history, on the topic; just maybe you need something more than a book. Like the millions and millions of us who read The Bible and needed more instruction on how to be a good person. Or the millions and millions of us who read a diet book and needed more help than that to lose the weight for good and get healthy. Some of us just need more than a book to figure out something. :::::Count me guilt on both counts:::::

And some of us also need support (and lots of it) to actually take what we figured out, build a plan of action, and execute that plan UNTIL we land that dream job. In fact, I would argue as hard as figuring out what you want to do is, harder still is knowing what to do to get there, and the hardest part is staying on track until you achieve that goal. And this is true, I’ve seen for virtually everyone. 

It’s what leads to people taking jobs they don’t like much and staying in jobs they hate. Mostly everyone needs guidance on how to find the job you truly love. And mostly every one needs support to get to that goal. Truth is you just need solid workable advice you can implement and that is working for you to achieve important milestones of initial interviews, final interviews, and offers. 

In some ways, JobMorph, the company I founded grew out of that realization. I saw that our clients needed more help than a book (even if it was 423 pages). It was definitely a start. And a good one. And in most cases, they were familiar, had it, started it, and even in some finished it, and applied it. But despite all the hype from Time, New York Post, Fortune, and Fast Company and those 46 glowing Amazon reviews, for them, this book just didn’t work to get help them to achieve clarity, concrete plans, and constancy. And you need those three things to get from here to there (not matter what you want to achieve). 

You need 

  1. Clarity about what it is you want to. What is the destination? 
  2. Concrete plan to get there. How do I get there? What expertise can I help me to get where I want to be faster, easier, and increase my chance of success. 
  3. Constancy to get there. What support will there be for me along the way? These journeys are long, difficult, challenging, and treacherous — who is going to make sure I stay the course? Redirect me if I get lost? Encourage me when I need that. 

And when you have those three things in place, for most people out there, success happens. Interviews for dream jobs arrive. Offers for dream jobs come in. And dream jobs get landed. 

I see that every single day. I’m in this unique position to meet people not sure what it is they want, help them to get that clarity, build that concrete plan, and provide the tools they need to stay constant and true to their dreams. And if you think it’s amazing, it is. 

Does it work every single time? No. Absolutely not. About 10% of our clients decide, after the 30 day trial period, to opt out of the program. 

But for the rest, it’s an amazing ride with an ending that truly inspires me to keep JobMorph up and running no matter the obstacles. 

  • Yes, 90% of startups fail but we’re going for it. We made it through those first 12 months and 102 hires later, we’re onto the next 12. That’s $14,000,000 in salaries for our clients! 

And if we’re going for it, you should too. Dreams await. 

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