Reality Check Time

Every day I discover an app out there to help you find your dream job. Or a URL. As though it were that simple. Download. Click. Done.

The marketing they do always seems to require The Finest of Print. 

We paid her to say this to you. And paid him too. And them, over there? Paid too.

Reality Check #1

We can achieve our dreams for a job that we love, in an organization we love, working with people we truly enjoy working with. What we can’t do is get all that through a click or a download.

And if it is FREE be forewarned. It’s surely worth exactly what you paid for it.

Reality Check #2

There’s some inside work to be done to get from here to there in almost every person who chases their dream job. And some outside work too. That really strong resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that secures the interest of recruiters and hiring managers for your dream job requires some inside work. Good news is that work you do (with the right guidance) can also prepare you for the interview and positions you for the offer. 

For some of our JobMorph clients, there are raises, bonuses, and promotions at their current job as a result of the inside work they are doing. Surprising? Not to us. When you know what you bring to the table, when you can articulate your value to your organization, to your team, to your boss, it shows. And people in your organization often begin to take notice. “Don’t want to lose him. Can’t afford to be without her.” You see what happens next, “Maybe we should… It’s certainly well deserved.”

Reality Check #3

The best way to accomplish your goals is through support. This has been proven, time and time again. There is absolute evidence that self-coaching is less effective than group coaching and group coaching is significantly less effective that personal, 1:1 coaching.

Most who achieve their dream jobs, got help with their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, had interview coaching, and perhaps even support with salary negotiation as well. Because the truth is to get from here to there, most of us, need some level of expertise, and few of us have that much experience with the process of securing employment. Maybe we have done 4 job searches in our lives? And in some cases, those searches were a long time ago.

Reality Check #4

Because today the job market is in the favor of candidates doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get an offer from an organization that you want to work for doing a job you want. The truth is that no matter what the economic situation is some organizations get a huge number of applicants and it is always highly competitive for their jobs. And the truth is that no matter what in this process, at every stage, you have a much higher chance of rejection than moving forward. So if you are selected for an initial interview, it’s only going to get harder from there. Not easier. Think of it like a sports competition — where the first round is just competing agains the teams in your local community. Win there, then you are off to states where the competition is tougher. Then regionals — where it gets even harder. 

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