Hired from Home

Almost all job interviews being held today start out virtually. Just like we’re working from home, we’re getting hired from home.

There’s just no reason to risk the health and safety of recruiters, hiring managers, or job seekers when there’s an alternative to ask the questions we want to ask to make a decision about which candidate to hire.

Unfortunately, there’s just not much out there on the internet about virtual interviewing when you do a search.

One of the best resources I found is, “The Ultimate Guide to Acing Your Next Video Interview” This is by far, IMO, the best out there on the topic for these reasons:

  1. It’s comprehensive. Others (whether videos or blog posts) think of virtual interviewing as interviewing by Zoom, Teams, or Google Hangout. And while virtual interviews do happen that way, they also happen using interviewing platforms. The latter can be even more daunting than the former.
  2. It covers what to do if things go awry. Look when you are dealing with technology, yours + theirs, the potential for glitches is increased. In fact, the more people participating in the interview, the higher the chance that someone’s camera isn’t working or someone’s sound quality is poor. So being ready mentally and technically for that to happen is important.
  3. It offers a way to practice. Studies have shown that interviewers who practice are substantially more successful at landing offers than those who don’t. So practice is just common sense.

But what’s missing from the blog is reference to the most important element of practice: feedback.

It’s not enough to tell someone, “here’s the 20 things you should do to have a successful interview virtually and get hired from home.” Or “here’s the 20 things you should not do.” You have to give feedback to that individual about what went wrong, how to improve, and then re-assess to ensure improvement occurred.

Think of it this way. What if Tiger or Beyonce or Meryl Streep worked on their performance just by recording themselves and watching those recordings? Would they have improved their skills? Possibly. But more likely they might have obsessed about the wrong things and overlooked the right things. That’s why to become a better golfer, singer, or actor you need a coach, a producer, or a director. The same is true for interviewing. And that’s why JobMorph includes 30 minutes of weekly coaching where each client can get personalized feedback on their interviewing skills.

As one of our early JobMorph success stories put it, a former dancer, “to get better, we need the mirror. And the JobMorph employment coach experienced in recruiting and hiring thousands is that mirror for each client.”

Let’s not kid ourselves, your competitors have the same internet you do, and watched the same videos you did. To win, you are going to need something a bit extra than videos and blogs. Ultimately at JobMorph, we do two things that you just don’t get otherwise. Two things that give you the advantage.

Advantage #1 Ongoing improvement. You don’t just want to get better at interviewing. You want to get as good as you can get at interviewing. Maybe even to the point that 90% of screens lead to an interview for you. Don’t think it’s possible? Our stats at JobMorph tell a different story. With personal, individualized coaching our clients are moving from screen to interview, 90% of the time.

Advantage #2 Confidence. We all know that a big reason one person gets hired over another is related to confidence. With JobMorph clients. we see over and over again, that as interview competence skyrockets, so does confidence, and with that, it seems, every interview ends with, “I think I did incredibly well. If I don’t get the job, it won’t be because I mis-stepped in the interview. I know that.” And that’s a great feeling to have in what we all know is an incredibly stressful experience.

Sure you can go at this alone.

Or you can go at this with some videos or blogs.

Entering the arena, as it were, with the same exact equipment and training as your competitors.

But that’s not how to win.

Is it?

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