Best Job Market = Best Chance Ever

This is, perhaps, the best job market we’re ever going to have. It’s the job market, honestly, all of us should be interviewing in because if ever we were going to find that perfect position for ourselves, it’s going to be right now. Wait a bit and we might be right back to that market where employers ruled — where there were many more applicants than jobs.

But if you are going to seriously look for options right now doing it casually, without your best tools and your best skills, means essentially wasting the opportunity. And, it’s more likely to lead to few interviews (if any) and few offers (if any). And because you did this without putting forward your best, you might be perceived not as the best candidate I’m willing to do everything to get but as a good enough candidate. Good enough candidates have much less power in the negotiation.

You might get a job — but it won’t necessarily be the best opportunity you could have gotten.

This is your chance to get the best opportunity possible for you.

And the reality is it doesn’t take that much more effort to do things right in the job search process. Virtually all of our clients tell us that they are not doing much more than they did before and getting much better results.

  • Think about it — does it take longer to submit a better resume? a better cover letter? Nope.
  • Does it take longer to complete an application the right way? The way that gets interviews? Nope.

Sure there might be some initial investment of time. With our program that’s about 2 hours. Our whole approach is to minimize your heavy lifting. But since that investment yields results, clients think it’s very much worth it. And that 4 hours includes the LinkedIn profile and with the right one (versus the wrong one) you are more likely to get contacted by the recruiters looking to fill the jobs you want!

So it’s about 4 hours of your time to create recruiters reaching out to you to schedule interviews for the jobs you want.

But you may be missing out not just on interviews you could get, you also could be missing out on offers.

Most of us are terrible at interviewing. And I will let you in on a little secret. Nearly 70% of people who think they are great at interviewing, aren’t as is evidenced by their results. The reason is really simple: professionals don’t spend all that much time talking about their accomplishments. If we ran into meetings with clients or colleagues to share our greatest successes, we wouldn’t last very long! Think about the last 7 days: how often did you tell a story about a conflict you resolved? How often did you get asked, “tell me about yourself?” This is just not how we spend our time.

And, yet, interviewing is all about us talking about us. Not our product. Not our services. Not our projects. Not our team. And not our organization. We’re supposed to go into a room (either live or via tech) and spend 30, 45, or even 60 minutes telling someone (or a group of people) about our accomplishments.

Here’s yet another secret, more than 65% of us, don’t practice before we do this. We listen to music. Do some visualization, positive self-talk, or power posing. We spend 7 hours, on average, researching the company before the interview but minimal amount of time really practicing the way we would practice, let’s say a sport, with someone else giving us feedback like a coach.

Few realize that practice has been documented to improve success. Tons of research that practicing makes you a better AND more likely to succeed. That’s why we practice weekly with our clients. And we see massive improvements in their abilities to handle the easy questions and the hard ones, their confidence, and the results they are getting. Plus we’re seeing that impact on being a better interviewer has on their salary offers. The reality is doing really well in the interview sends a clear message that you aren’t just an okay option for the role, you are the best (and only choice) for the role.

Ready to make yourself better at interviewing? And better at getting interviews? To put your all into this process so you land the very best opportunity you can? I’m ready to help you, as I have helped over 42k other people. Just email me at and be sure to mention the newsletter to receive a free job search consultation and $100 off our amazing program.

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