Don’t Hold Yourself Back!

I often hear, “I don’t like my job. But this is not the right time for me to search.” There are so many reasons not to start the search for your dreams. I can list thousands. Bet you can too. But for each reason, you should ask yourself, “so what?”

  • I just started a new job. So what?
  • I just got married. So what?
  • I just have a lot going on. So what?

If you are really honest with yourself, whatever (or whoever) you think is holding you back, isn’t truly holding you back. You are holding yourself back from taking steps that will give you what you truly want in your life.

You know, as well as I do, that new job won’t arrive in 33 seconds.

And you, and I know, that 5 hours a week, devoted to the job search consistently, can yield interviews (and offers).

So what do I think is really holding you back?


It’s scary to put yourself out there. There’s going to be rejection — for sure. And that’s not fun. It feels better somehow to just hang here, unhappy in my organization and/or my role, and put that “search thing” off for another month, another 2 months, another…. 2,734 months.

But let’s really think about what you could have accomplished in that month or two. A resume that’s fantastic? Yes! A LinkedIn Profile you are proud to network with? Yes! A strategy for your job search? Yes. Maybe even some applications submitted? Yes. And what would that mean for you?

An interview or two. An idea of what’s out there possibly for you. Maybe even a realization that there’s work to be done on those interview skills.

And maybe (as happened for dozens of my clients) a bit more confidence. A surer stride. And your boss notices. And suddenly out of nowhere there’s conversations like…

  • We need to increase your salary.
  • We need to talk about your next promotion.
  • We need to get you some help. Your workload is just too heavy.
  • Or, even, what can we do to make sure we retain you?

Yes, you can let fear stop you from this. Or you can embrace the fear (and the suck) and go for it, at your pace, with the right support so it’s easier for you to get what you want with less of an investment of time.

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