Job Search Reboot

In the job search, this is what I see:

  1. Many job seekers find it incredibly hard to land interviews for jobs they want at organizations they want to work.
  2. Some job seekers get interviews but cannot seem to get the offer.
  3. Some job seekers are able to land interviews, get offers, but in the negotiation process struggle to close the deal.

The first step to solve any problem is to identify where the problem is. Sometimes a job seeker needs some help to figure that out, sometimes they just want a second opinion, and that’s once of the reasons we do free job search consultations daily. We have literally held thousands of these and the people who attend rave about how helpful it was to them. You can see their reviews here.

The second step is to make changes and reboot.

That’s where it gets tough for many job seekers.

  • What to keep and what to ditch in the resume? in the cover letter? in the LinkedIn profile?
  • What approaches are good in interviews and what needs an overhaul?
  • What needs to be done differently in each state of the process to successfully negotiate the deal and get what you want in compensation and other perks from this job?

For many, figuring this all out cannot be done alone.

Not going to say for all. Just going to say this: there’s a small number of people out there who should buy or sell a house without a real estate agent. But that wasn’t me. I needed help from the agent who had much more experience in buying and selling houses than I did. There were things that agent knew that I just didn’t know (or couldn’t know). And that knowledge saved me time and money. And definitely that agent earned her commission. And so did that broker. It’s why the next time around I went back. And the next. And the next.

It’s the same with searching for a job.

You could do it all alone. And that’s fine. There are people out there who know everything there is to know about how to land an interview, get an offer, and negotiate with their employer. And if you are in that category, going at it completely alone, that’s most likely the best decision. But most of us aren’t. We have had 3-4 experiences searching for jobs previously and none were at the level we’re searching now. We have no real understanding of how recruiters operate or how hiring managers make those tough decisions on who to offer the job. And while the internet has lots of content on everything related to job searching, much of it is contradictory. And just doesn’t seem to work for you and help you to find the job you have dreamed about getting.

And that’s really the point isn’t it? It’s pretty easy today to find a job. Truth is no one comes our way to “find a job.” They can do that on their own. What they come to us with is a desire to do something that they have dreamed about for a very long time. But it’s not happened. And what we’re trying to do is pull together all our resources, all our talents, and all our knowledge to help them land that dream job.

Almost every successful client of ours came into it by trying first on their own. We were last on their lists of things to try. And they regret holding off on that decision.

But we do get why we’re the last thing someone tries. It’s a new idea.

✔️ Resume services? That’s been around forever. So that feels familiar and there’s total comfort with signing up. And it’s very transactional. You pay a fee, you get a resume.

✔️ Subscription services where you get content, or special access, or secret jobs — that feels right. We’re used to paying $9.99 a month for stuff. Again, very familiar.

💁♀️ But a program that’s going to help me find a job? With an admissions process, courses, weekly advising? Never heard of such a thing is what people often say.

And then we get this…

Ummm… well, actually, now that I think about it… I paid $50k for that exact thing. I’ve got these student loans to prove it… it’s why I signed up in the first place for that thing — I was hoping it would get me my dream job. But… that didn’t happen… and well, not sure what to do now… thinking of this other program. This certification. This life coach guru. But mostly thinking of just giving up.

It takes some time for most people to wrap their minds around JobMorph.

It is a totally new concept. A totally different idea. But once they dig into what it is they need, they find that what they need, this program has.

  • They find that if getting interviews is the problem, there’s help for that.
  • And if the problem is landing those offers, there’s help for that.
  • And if the challenge really is closing the deal, there’s help for that.

Most people introduced to the JobMorph program say this: “Why didn’t this exist a long time ago? This is an awesome idea.” And we say, “It did. But then it was considered outdated and replaced with resume writers and subscription services.” Some wonder if it could actually be everything it appears. And we say “That’s exactly why we give you 30 days to check it out. No fine print. Don’t like it? We’ll fully refund everything you have paid.”

And what do they like the most about this way of searching?

  1. They aren’t looking for a job. They are looking to land their dream job.
  2. They aren’t alone. There’s support from an entire team helping them stay motivated, stay on track, and guiding them every single step of the way.
  3. It works. They get interviews when they weren’t before. They move from round to round in the interview process making it to the final round. They get offers. And they successful negotiate with their employer.

If you want some more help with your job search, please reach out. We offer subscribers to this newsletter a free consultation and a $100 discount. Just use NEWSLETTER as the code when you book your appointment. Click here to book.

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