Professionals Need Career Services

Recently someone told me, “Maryse, your company is really career services for professionals.”

And there is a lot of truth to that.

In one box, conveniently delivered to you, for a one-time fee, we’re able to provide all the services you might need to secure your dream job.

Interview Prep | Job Leads Sourced for You | Resume | Cover Letter | LinkedIn Profile | Facilitated Networking | Analytics | Automation | Individual Weekly Coaching | 4x Per Week Group Coaching

It’s what you might have gotten when you were in college or graduate school only at your convenience (v. theirs) and with much more experienced experts (v. mostly peers or people a few years older than you) and customized to you (v. generic tips for all). But perhaps the biggest difference between what you experienced in college or graduate school and JobMorph is our results oriented approach — we are not just teaching you about cover letters; we’re giving you the most effective way to create a cover letter for your applications so you increase the odds you are selected for interviews for roles you really want. And how do we know it’s the most effective? Because we tested it, over and over again, with 40k+ job seekers.

For many job seekers out there, that’s what has been missing in their searches. Especially now.

  • They have the “documents” but lack the know-how and the result is lots of frustration applying to jobs and not getting interviews or getting interviews and not getting offers.
  • They have the “job boards” but are unable to figure out where to find the right jobs for them.
  • They have tips, but not the strategies and tactics that work for them.
  • On the side of employers, tons of expertise. On their side, no one.

When I put together the service that is JobMorph this is what was important to me:

Results | Results | Results | Results | Results | Results | Results | Results

And I measured those results in two ways — what percentage of job seekers landed their dream job? And what percentage referred friends and family??

Right now, we are at 60% of our clients being referred to us.

Our placement rate is 100%.

Our approach is simple, we’re here with you for that flat fee until you land the job you have dreamed about. If that takes 2 minutes, great! Point is we’re here until it happens for you. No add-ons; no extras. Just one flat fee for the entire service. And a team of people with deep expertise available to guide you step-by-step through the process. A team using techniques that have been tested thousands of times before.

It’s been incredible to see how we do this — to witness each success and be a part of it.

We learn from our success stories and use that knowledge to guide the next cohort and the next. It’s incredible to see the range of job seekers we can help — from people finding their very first job, to people re-entering the workforce after a 10 year break. We help entry level searchers, mid-career searchers, and executive searchers. Every single industry has found success with our program.

Today, what’s important to me still is:

Results | Results | Results | Results | Results | Results | Results | Results

Everything we do in our program, from the initial session with prospective clients, to every coaching session, is designed to drive results for our clients.

Our goal is to get you interviews. Our goal is to get you offers. Our goal is to help you land that dream job.

And because we know every job seeker is different we approach this with the attitude of let’s make a plan, let’s see it’s impact, and then if it’s working, FANTASTIC, but if it’s not, let’s figure out what we need to do get the results we want.

I get we could be selling tips, templates, and tools like our competitors. Or coaching by the minute. But I know, after 40k job seekers, that no tip, template, or tool works for everyone. And coaching by the minute is just not sustainable for many job seekers (who often don’t know what they don’t know).

And I also just feel incredibly strongly that what I want to provide is everything someone needs to land their dream job. And that’s more than a few coaching sessions. Or a resume package. Much more. To pretend otherwise, to me, seems disingenuous. You may think it’s your resume that is holding you back (and it might be holding you back from interviews) but once you get those, it might also be that you are not that great of an interviewer too. And need help with improving your interview skills as well.

If you want help from me with your job search, please reach out. We offer subscribers to this newsletter a free consultation and a $100 discount. Just use NEWSLETTER as the code when you book your appointment. Click here to book.

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