Stop the Insanity

Remember that old line, “doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity?” Many times when we are searching for a job, we are doing just that. We hate our job. But we search for the next one using the same exact process we used to get this job. Sometimes it’s even the very same resume, the very same cover letter, and the very same 22 people we networked with last time. Literally retracing our steps but expecting to end up somewhere else. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

There’s a lot about us that we approach smartly — our telecommunications, our homes, even our appliances, and cars. But for our job search, it’s old school all the way. We rely on tips and tricks so old our grandparents used them. We rely on outdated tools (and even a completely manual process). And the process we have chosen builds up so much frustration that we’re often doing interviews for jobs we absolutely don’t want and getting no where closer to jobs we really would love. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

And there’s this belief, spun up on the internet often, that there’s nothing more we can do. We’re stuck fighting our way through BOTs, getting no where, applying with no results, over and over again, and the only option is to QUIT. As though the only way out of this job is NO JOB. Binary systems often produce binary options. And it’s not shocking to me that the land of 101010101 produced STAY or QUIT. But how can blowing up your life be the only option to improve it? Doesn’t make much sense does it?

Every day, I meet with job seekers who discovered JobMorph. Usually it is through a friend or family member. And within a short time, they’ve been able to walk me through what they have been doing to get interviews. Often, it’s not much. And very often, it’s not working at all for them. They are just not landing the interviews they want for the jobs they want. A short time later, they are getting interviews for the jobs they want.

Some job seekers I meet are getting interviews. And they are for jobs they really want. But no matter what they do, or so it feels, they can’t seem to get the offer. They apply, they get selected, they make it through round 1, and onto the next rounds. But then when the offer is made, they are not the one selected. It takes time to get into what it is that’s happening in the interview that’s causing the employer to choose someone other than them. And it can be darn frustrating (to client and coach alike) to figure out what can be improved but we do it; every single day we find the means through which this client, despite lack of success prior, now succeeds.

For both job seekers who are not getting interviews and job seekers who are not getting offers, there’s one thing we don’t do. The same thing they have been doing. It is about changing it up, trying some other approaches, and finding the approach that works for them to land interviews and offers. And the truth of the matter is we’re always trying to do better for the client. We’re optimizing their profile on LinkedIn so they get more interest of recruiters out there searching for talent. We’re improving their resume so they have less and less work to do on it to match the jobs they are interested in doing and it is more and more ATS friendly. We’re helping them to improve their networking skills, facilitating introductions, so they can expand their professional networks and build those deeper relationships we all need to secure our careers.

I do get how it is tempting to do things the same way you have always done them. But I caution you to consider the ideas here. Maybe for you it is time to try something new? Maybe for you it is time to pursue a different path? A smarter approach. And maybe, too, it’s time to realize that you have more options that quit or stay in the place you hate. Many, many more options. Literally millions of jobs and tens of thousands of organizations are available to you.


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