There is a Future for You

When things get rough in a job search, it’s a good idea to remember this… there’s a future you that is successful. And there’s a past you that was successful.

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Right now, in this moment, when you went through many rounds and got rejected, or you applied to a job that you felt was perfect for you and you got rejected, or you can’t seem to find a single job you like and are qualified to do, failure overwhelms your good sense. It happens to all of us. In the throws of anything we put our minds to, there are times we’re winning, times nothing at all is happening, and times of disappointments. And during those times when things are not going our way, it feels like they never will go our way. And it could feel like they never have. But that’s not true.

Truth is most of us have succeeded before in the process to secure a job. And, for absolute sure, in the millions and millions of openings out there, a job perfect for us awaits.

We may not be doing what we should be doing, this time, to achieve success. But success has happened for us before and it can happen for us again.

So it begs the question what should we be doing? What could we be doing? And what’s stopping us from figuring this out and changing things up.

Humans are creatures of habit. If we’ve solved our problems from the internet before, we think we can solve this problem from the internet. And, very often, when it comes to job searching our major source of information is the internet. And for some problems, like “find me a movie playing near my house” or “a Cuban restaurant near me,” Google is absolutely the best approach. But finding your dream job? A job perfect for you? A job that brings you satisfaction and joy? Google has an answer. It’s 13,000,423,923.

Not exactly helpful, right?

But we hit it again and again, trying different questions.

  • “What should I do to get a job offer?”
  • “How can I find my dream job?”

And Google is so wonderful.

No matter what we ask we get an answer.

Tons of answers, in fact.

Unlimited free content to enjoy.

Guides and books. And videos. And webinars. And every possible thing you can imagine to land your dream job. And 14 million hours later, we’re still thinking to ourselves “how do I turn these failures I’m having into an actual offer? What am I doing wrong? What do I have to change?”

It’s the one thing we can do at JobMorph for virtually anyone out there that Google simply cannot (yet) do. Listen. That’s what we’re about. Hearing your actual story. The full and complete tale of your quest (thus far). And offering specific solutions that can completely alter results.

It does mean making time in your schedule for this. Opening up a space in your incredibly busy life for a few minutes to talk about your job search, your goals, what’s happened so far, and what you wish could happen.

It does mean being open to the idea that possibly what you are going to hear from us might be something you have never heard before. It does mean making time in your calendar to take a chance that this could be different. Opening up a block of time and allowing us in.

I know it’s hard to believe that there is anything new when it comes to a job search. All of us have seen that the content out there is just repetitive (and conflicting). So it can be hard to believe that there might be something that is fresh, advanced, and more sophisticated.

We get the hesitation.

We humans, we ❤️ ❤️❤️ our comfort zone.

And Google has become it; especially in these sheltered days where we’ve locked ourselves in.

But…truth is most of us have succeeded before in the process to secure a job.

But, for absolute sure, in the millions and millions of openings out there, a job perfect for us awaits.

We just might have to be open to doing something different this time than we’ve done before.


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