Three Steps to a Dream Job

I like to say there are 3 steps to a dream job. First,you have to get interviews for jobs you really want. Next, you need to get offers from the jobs you really want. And finally, you need to negotiate the offer into the job you really want.

When I work with someone I begin by making sure they are getting interviews for jobs they really want. About 90% of people who reach out to me aren’t. I know that seems shocking. But that’s what I have seen. They are getting either no interviews at all OR they are getting interviews for jobs they really don’t want; jobs they have very little excitement about.

I think this is the case because very few people actually know how to get interviews. Typically we have 6 or 8 experiences behind us in that. And you can’t really use the experience from your first job hunt to help you now. Times have changed. You have changed. What you are seeking has changed. And, more often than not, what you seek today you have ZERO experience finding.

And the source of help to get interviews is well, flawed. It’s the internet — you know, that thing EVERY ONE has. So how could that make you more competitive than the other applicants if you are essentially doing the same exact thing all of them are doing? Really stop and think about those 7 tips you found or that YouTube video you discovered. Who else has that information? If it’s on the internet, the answer is simple EVERY ONE. And this means that despite the headline, it’s something everyone is doing and therefore not giving you any competitive advantage over anyone else.

Sometimes we find that getting the interview is just not the problem. They are getting selected, over and over again. But they can’t seem to turn that interview (or the next one) into an offer. And in those cases our work really focuses on their interview skills (but we also take a look at everything they do in the process) because sometimes you are not getting the offer because your resume, cover letter, application, and LinkedIn profile when scrutinized by decision-makers (as it usually is before an offer is put together) fails to meet expectations for that role, in that organization, at that salary.

And for some clients, the offers are made. But somehow when they start to negotiate (or even ask questions), it just turns out that they cannot come to agreement with their employer. In those cases, we work on negotiation skills. Truth is every step in the process either sets you up to achieve what you want in the negotiation so we have to work through every step to make sure when the process ends, and the offer comes, they are perceived not just as a good candidate but as the best possible candidate EVER for that role. This is especially important in larger organizations where they can often hold off hiring until they find the ideal candidate for the position.

Now, it might be that for you, what’s keeping you from moving toward your dream job is that you are completely uncertain about what the next step in your career should be. You might be shocked to know that nearly 50% of people I recently polled, felt this way. They don’t know what they want next. And, if that’s your situation before all else what is needed is figuring that out. It’s actually possible to figure out what job you want. It’s something that we’ve been doing in career services for years and years. And we can offer that service to you through JobMorph if that’s what you need. If that’s what you need complete this 3 minute survey and we’ll send you more information.

But if you know what’s next for. you and need help getting interviews, turning interviews into offers, or negotiating you offers, reach out out to me. I’d love to tell you more about my company, JobMorph, and how it can help you achieve your dream job.

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