“Yes We Can Help You”

Every day, it seems, we meet someone at JobMorph who has struggled to find a spot in the job market. It truly seems impossible sometimes to believe that this person, with this amazing background and all of this to offer, isn’t getting interviews for jobs they want. To us, looking at their background, they appear to have everything an employer would want. They are hard working, career minded, team players who just want to be part of an organization. And all they really want is a chance for an interview. And to each one we say, “Yes, we can help you.”

In some cases, they have literally given up after applying to hundreds of jobs. They cannot seem to put in, it feels to them, the passcode that opens the door to the interview. What they have mastered, it seems, is gathering rejections one after another, day after day. They are often frustrated, angry, and many times that negativity is turned inward resulting in zero motivation to try again.

There are literally millions and millions of them, circling around 11 million job postings, simply trying to get an interview for a job they want. Recruiters are constantly assuring them …

…the jobs are real

…we want to fill them

But it’s so hard to fill them.

Employers are being interviewed all over the place saying they are desperate to find talented people to join their organizations. And the job boards are telling these struggling job seekers through an enormous amount of content how to land an interview and an offer.

There is a rock bottom of job hunting. And they believe they have hit it. Or, so they hope. Because this slew of rejections via email seems awful. So the idea that this is not the actual bottom is terrifying. And that’s why they have come to JobMorph.

They want some guidance. And that’s where we start.

Step one is really to understand that the process to get selected for an interview has many elements to it. It starts with the job you are applying to, but it also has a lot to do with your resume, job application, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. All of these could be contributing to that rejection letter you are getting. Our mission is to figure out what’s causing those rejections, eliminate those, and help you get interviews.

And once we have those interviews, the next step is to take a good look at how you are preparing for interviews because to land an offer you have to be able to tell your story in documents like resumes and cover letters as well as verbally in the interview process. And if you struggle in the document production side, it’s likely there are also issues when you are asked in an interview to talk about your skills, background, goals, and aspirations.

But more than likely there is another element contributing to your lack of success. You are engaging in a job search where you are just not applying or networking enough. Many candidates looking for jobs think that the number of applications they are submitting (and the amount of networking they are doing) is considerably more than they are actually doing. It’s human to overestimate the effort in certain tasks, especially tasks that we find dull, and underestimate time on fun activities. You know it as, “I spent all day doing laundry” when it really was 103 minutes from loading to putting away. And as, “OMG it feels like we just got here and now vacation is over” when it’s been 9 days and nights in Hawaii. This is how we are — and we’re the same with job searching. We think we did 40 applications; it was 4. We think we spent 5 minutes choosing what shirt to wear; it was 135 minutes.

We bring value to the resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and interview skills but equally important is the value we bring to helping job seekers track their activities so they know what it actually takes in applications and networking to yield one interview. It’s data-driven job searching.

And what we have learned being a data-driven organization is that even if two people are engaging in a very similar search, their metrics can differ tremendously because they aren’t interested really in the same jobs. One is thrilled to find this posting for a ski wear company selling $180 gloves. Another thinks, “That’s just not me. Ever.” What we see here from this vantage view of managing hundreds of job searches is that each of us has very different desires when it comes to a job and helping each client figure out what it takes them to get interviews for jobs they truly want is a big part of the program we offer.

At some point in this process, for nearly all job seekers, there comes an offer. And I do think this is where job seekers who have struggled to get interviews really suffer the most. The reality is that this offer may be completely wrong for them. We see it every day where an offer comes in and it has none of what the candidate wanted but they are seriously considering accepting it as is. It’s not that they don’t realize the fit is completely wrong. It’s that they are so tired of searching and so tired of failing in the search, they just simply want it to end. And a few months later bet you can guess where they are: back among the literally millions and millions of job seekers, circling around 11 million job postings, simply trying to get an interview for a job they want.

Of all the help we provide clients, this is perhaps the most impactful part of what we do. By working with the client we can help them really identify what they really want in their next job. Sometimes just having a clear wish list keeps us from making a mistake. And then we can also help them to negotiate the offer so that it has what they truly want. Sometimes a not so perfect job can be made totally dreamy with a bit of conversation with the employer. But maybe the greatest value we provide to job seekers is assuring them that it is possible to find, interview for, and land your dream job. It takes persistence. It takes effort. But the truth is it can be done.

And yes, we can help you.

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