You Deserve a Dream Job

Maybe you know the feeling: the knot in your stomach and that distant stare that accompany Sunday evening. You want to be present and enjoy the weekend, and even more, feel good about returning to work the next morning, but too often it doesn’t seem possible. 

What does this feeling tell you? You don’t love your job. If that’s the case, you are not alone. 2 out of 3 people in the United States aren’t happy with their jobs. You are most likely fine with it, and it pays the bills, but you know there is something more out there for you. 

When someone truly loves their job, they actually enjoy Monday mornings. The tasks assigned seem exciting or at least enjoyable, colleagues are near-friends, and they are proud of what they do each day.

Chances are you even felt that way at the start of your current job. Gradually, though, the excitement waned into nerves, or complacency, or even discontent. However, you deserve to spend all those hours you pour into work at a job you feel passionate about, in a role where you are valued, and at a place in which you feel challenged. 

You Deserve to be Valued

It’s a terrible feeling when you have credentials and experience, yet when you contribute an idea, it is not taken seriously. It’s equally terrible when, day after day, you work relentlessly yet never receive praise or even a “thank you.” You deserve a job in which you feel valued. That includes a boss who takes time to know you and your unique strengths and considers your input. Both recognition and implementation of those contributions, coupled with consistent appreciation, go far in an employee’s motivation. 

Words only mean so much, however. You deserve a job that recognizes the value of your time. That means receiving fair compensation for your work along with full benefits. It also means your time outside of work hours matters. Your time off is honored and you are able to rest and recharge for the next day. 

There are many ways to feel valued by an employer: through compensation, benefits, work-life balance, praise and recognition, or consideration of your input. Take time to reflect on what would make you feel valued in the workplace, and make that a priority when seeking new employment. 

You Deserve to be Fulfilled

No matter how much recognition you get at a job, sometimes it’s simply not enough. If you are spending each day unhappy or not motivated by your assignments, or questioning the actual impact of your work, no amount of praise is going to change that

Instead, you deserve to discover your calling. A calling is a job you would continue to do, even without pay, simply because you love it. Of course, you do earn a fair salary, but your motivation is the work itself and the fulfillment it brings you. You leave most days knowing you made a difference. Prior to selecting a new path, review the “must haves” for your dream job that would leave you feeling this way. 

You Deserve to be Challenged

Challenged does not mean given piles of work that the company could probably hire one or two additional employees to help manage. When a workplace challenges you, they ensure you have opportunities for professional growth. They provide you with mentorship, reimbursement for education, and professional development. They see it as part of their mission to help you reach the next level.

Employers should also be considering the tasks you are assigned. You deserve to have interesting assignments that challenge you and teach you, rather than more of the same. This type of work environment enables you to avoid complacency and remain energized.

Too often, we get sucked into the day-to-day and forget the vocation we have been dreaming about. We rarely take a minute to delve inward and contemplate what we truly deserve out of our professional lives. If you have been feeling like you are worthy of more, because you are, don’t hesitate to reach out and start the journey.


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