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Our process of helping you to find a job begins with an individual consultation and assessment of your personal situation.  We want to understand your goals so we can help you achieve them.

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We help you Stand Out in a crowded job market

You get all these services designed to help you learn to land the job you want, at one incredible price.

Resume & Cover Letter.

Spending hours adjusting your resume & cover letter & LinkedIn Profile? Adding keywords? Getting no results? It’s not you. It’s your outdated approach. Let us show you a sophisticated application that does all that for you so you have the best chance of being chosen by the software system being used to select candidates.

Finding jobs.

Can’t find jobs you qualify for? Or want? It’s not you. It’s the process you are using, Let us show you methods to double and even triple the number of positions you find. And we will also support you by sharing job leads with you that we find specifically for you.

Getting interviews.

Applied for hundreds of jobs with no results? It’s not you. Really. Small changes in what you are doing will dramatically change your results. No one gets 100 calls for 100 applications but ZERO means something is definitely terribly wrong. Let us help you figure out what, try different approaches, until you see dramatic improvements in the number of employers contacting you.

Getting offers.

Interviewing but not getting offers? Let us try and improve your chances of turning that interview into an offer. We conduct a practice interview with you, record that, and then offer you clear feedback on what you could do better in your next interview.

Salary Negotiation.

Most candidates offered jobs don’t negotiate the offer effectively, leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Let us help you develop a negotiation strategy, practice it with you, so you are able to walk away with a better income and opportunity for you and your family.

Career 101.

Getting that job is just the start. We are about helping you develop into an important asset to the organization — perhaps even on track to an increase or even a promotion in the near future.


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We understand times are tough and even at our exceptional value, you may need more time to pay. This is why JobMorph offers flexible payment plans to suit all budgets and make getting help now possible. Learn how to get started today for as little as $289.