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When seeking help on something as important as our professional lives, you want to work with someone who has connections, because as we all know, it’s not what you know. It’s who you know. And our founder Maryse Williams has connections! Here are just a few.


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Manufacturing, Technology, Construction, & Engineering, Transportation, Marketing, Retail, Hospitality, Food, Education, Healthcare, Biotech, Aerospace & Defense,  Automotive, Energy, Consumer Goods, Finance, Government

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Maryse Williams, our founder, is all about Test. Learn. Iterate.  In creating JobMorph, she blended the business stack with the technical stack.  So, JobMorph is about getting you those technical skills you need to advance your career, get that offer, and negotiate that great package.   But there’s also the business stack – understanding what you want as a career professional, how organizations work, and how to best navigate through those complexities to get that career you want.  

Maryse came to the US in 1967 as a refugee escaping genocide fueled by a nationalistic megalomanic.  Sound familiar?  She realized early on that she, along with millions more, were saved by one man, Edmund Safra: a businessman, a self-made millionaire at 16, and later billionaire, who took every opportunity he could to directly help others including her family

For Maryse helping others was hardwired in her coding.  And it is why she sought out a BA in Psychology from Wells and a Masters in Theology from Harvard University.   To Maryse, it’s always been about the opportunity to help others transform their lives and forward the opportunities she’s been given to transform hers.   She later earned two more credentials: an MBA from Loyola University and the Business Analytics Program from the Harvard Business School. 

At JobMorph, clients experience a team of people like Maryse. They are dedicated to testing, learning, and iterating what they do to help clients achieve their goals.  When you work with them you will see, first-hand, how that plays out.  They understand that you want expert advice, so they are constantly advancing their own knowledge. They recognize that you want stellar solutions and make sure to seek those out and work hard to ensure that the tools do what you need them to do.  

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