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Weekly One-on-One Coaching

JobMorph is designed to get you your next job

Job seekers have a ton of questions they want answers to. Is my resume good?  Is this the right cover letter for this job?  Should I apply to this job?  Where can I find jobs I am really interested in doing?  How should I answer, “Tell me about yourself,” or “What salary are you seeking?”  And research has shown that the most effective way to get the results you want is one-on-one coaching.  The $1,579 JobMorph Package includes a weekly 30 minute coaching session – a coach dedicated to you and your job search available to you every week to get answers, get help, practice interviewing! Try it for 30 days.  No obligation. 

Personal, Smart Job Seeking Solutions

I understand how you might feel right now, if you’re looking for a job! I was there myself. Laid off in an awful economy with out of date job searching skills? Or you are employed but wanting to make a change?  After going through it myself and now being in the career industry for 30 years, having helped tens of thousands of people find jobs, I’ve put together a new business to help job seekers land jobs! 

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Our team is ready for any challenge! We have helped thousands individuals land the jobs they wanted and can help guide you to your perfect position.

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Our company works day after day coaching individuals just like you to their first, or next career opportunity…And we have the results to prove it!

Need More Information? Want to Learn how We Can Help You?

We are here to answer all your questions and walk you through our program.  If you would like to learn more about our process and the results we are able to help you acheive schedule a consultation with us.


Resume & Cover Letter

Our program includes helping you create the very best resume for you, along with a cover letter that easy to edit for each job you apply to.  No need to hire another company to do your resume! And pay for a cover letter as well!  That’s all included in our  $1,579 JobMorph Package   Plus we will teach you how to create a great resume for yourself so you don’t have to be dependent on those high priced resume writers who charge for each document and even for every single edit!  Let us give you what you need to secure interviews but also the skills you need to build your own resumes and cover letters the next time.   Try it for 30 days.  No obligation. 

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LinkedIn Optimization

A strong LinkedIn profile should get you the attention of recruiters seeking to fill positions. And if you are not getting messaged by recruiters and if your profile is not being viewed by recruiters, something is definitely needing to be improved!   And you are missing out on one of the best sources of opportunities, that is completely free to use.  features of LinkedIn.  Included in the $1,579 JobMorph Package  is optimizing your profile and learning how to use your LinkedIn account to effectively network with employers, recruiters, engage them with you, and follow-up to secure interviews and job offers. Try it for 30 days.  No obligation. 

Job Search Consulting

Helping our clients to navigate the rough waters of the new virtual job search environment is what we do.  We will help you to define your goals and the methods to achieve those goals.

Resume Help

We provide all our clients with help developing their resume and cover letters to gain the maximum impact in their job search.  It is all part of our Personal Recruiting Package, so there is never a hidden fee.


Job Leads

Look if you are a job seeker you are going to be getting so many job leads from so many sources.  It seems some days, we bet, that  you get 10-20 emails telling you about job opportunities out there.  But then you look at them and none are really what you want to do.  Or maybe it’s what you would like to do but you aren’t qualified even remotely for the role.  Our approach is different.  We  select the best jobs leads for you. Our clients rave about this part of the $1,579 JobMorph Package telling us it saves them so much time and that often, we find positions, that are perfect for them, that they had not located.  Try it for 30 days.  No obligation. 


Interview Prep

You want to do everything you can to be ready for that first interview when it comes your way and our $1,579 JobMorph Package includes with it the opportunity to practice before your interview.  And you will be practicing  with someone; doing that interview just the way yours will be – virtually or by phone.  Most importantly your interview has lots of experience interviewing candidates for roles and can provide you detailed feedback immediately after the interview.  We also help you to debrief after your interview. Plus we’ll give you tons of “tips and tricks” to effectively master the most challenging interview  questions. Try it for 30 days.  No obligation.


Salary Negotiation

When the employer calls with a job offer,  many people just accept.  Maybe that’s what you have done in the past.  But the first thing you will do is tell you coach because included in our $1,579 JobMorph Program is a coach that will work with you, step by step, to assess the salary offer, develop a counter offer, coach you on how to execute on that plan, practicing with you, and will be right there with you to debrief with after, and to talk to when you hear back from the employer.  Don’t leave anything on the table when it comes to our package, but do it the right way with our help.  Try it for 30 days.  No obligation.


Weekly Group Coaching

To accelerate your job search skills included in our $1,579 JobMorph Program is 150 minutes of LIVE group coaching (recorded and available on-demand) every single week covering 12 topics and designed to help you master every aspect of job searching including:


Our goal is to make sure you know exactly what to do, every time, when job seeking, and that you have skills for life.   Try it for 30 days.  No Obligation


Facilitated Networking

Every job seeker hears “networking is a big part of a successful job search”  but what do you do if you are just not good at networking?  Or if you don’t even know how to get started networking?  Or if the thought of networking just makes you cringe?  Our $1,579 JobMorph Program includes 60 minutes of weekly networking, facilitated by a coach,  where you can get connected to professionals in your industry, meet people at your level, and practice making connections with them, learn how to build the relationships into ones that are  long-lasting and positively impact your life and career. Try it for 30 days.  No obligation.