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The JobMorph Career Coaching Session is for the individual who wants 60 minutes of 1:1 intensive, highly personalized support in their career. It’s intended to give you the best of our services at high intensity so you have everything possible you might need including access to support and resources when you need them.

We have all been there where we really need to talk to an expert who can give us guidance about a career matter but didn’t want to go to a friend or family member, or our boss, or a colleague. The JobMorph Career Coaching Session provides that safe space to seek career guidance. Whether you are not sure what you want to do next, or need a sounding board for a job offer, or help to prepare for an interview, or anything else, the JobMorph Career Coaching Session can assist.

All JobMorph Career Coaching Sessions are performed by our founder, Maryse Williams. Maryse is passionate and easy to talk to. She’s deeply committed to helping others achieve what they want from their career. She uses her education including a BA in Psychology, an MA in Theological Studies, and an MBA as well as 30 years of professional experience as coach, mentor, manager, and leader to provide guidance to her clients. Her objective, above all else, is to listen and understand the challenges you face and to provide thoughtful options to consider as solutions.

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Prior to the session, you tell us what you want to accomplish during the JobMorph Career Coaching Session. This helps Maryse understand what you might need some help with. Samples of goals are below so you can get an idea of the types of career challenges that have recently come her way:

Call Anytime

+ 1 (307) 776-0608

All our sessions are conducted through Zoom.

When it’s time for your session, you will click a link and join your coach for your session.  Whatever career challenge you are facing, Maryse is there to listen, explore the possible options, formulate actionable strategies, and develop next steps. Expect to quickly dive right into what you want to accomplish.  

And expect that at multiple points, she’ll check in to make sure that you feel the session is moving in the direction you had hoped it would.   

As you wrap up, she’ll make sure you are walking away with specific action items to do after the session, what we call “Next Steps,” so that when the session is over, you are ready to implement the strategies and tactics you discussed.  

You have options, its starts with your payment plan

Three Simple Ways to Pay

Choose the option which works best with your budget, regardless of the path you choose you will get the same level of service and attention as all our other clients.

3 Monthly Payments

$79 / month
  • For those who want just a little flexibility Total of Monthly Payments - $237

6 Monthly Payments

$42 / month
  • Our Lowest Cost Monthly Payment Plan Total of Monthly Payments - $252

Three Ways to Join

Career Coaching Session

  • 60 minutesof 1:1 intensive, highly personalized support in your career. It’s intended to give you the best of our services at high intensity so you have everything possible you might need including acces to support and resources when you need them.

Career Coaching Pass

Access to all our services until you land your dream job. Customize to your needs 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Strategy Sessions – 90 minute 1:1 with our founder, Maryse Williams
  • 30 Minute Weekly 1:1 Coaching for Career Guidance
  • Group Mentoring – 3x week, attend LIVE or watch it at your convenience
  • Career Assessments
  • Tailored Job Leads
  • Resume Review
  • Cover Letter Creation
  • 30 Min. Weekly Interview Practice
  • Facilitated Networking
  • Networking Coaching
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Job Search Automation

Elite Power Pass

Intensive, highly personalized suppor. it’s perfect if you want to achieve your goals as quickly as possible, getting the most you can in the shortest possible time.


  • 60 minutes of 1:1 Coaching for Career Guidance
  • Daily Tailored Job Leads
  • Novice2NInja Networking Course + Books
  • AI Powered Interview Practice
  • ATS Buster – Tailored feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Interview Preparation Before Each Interview
  • Accountability Check-Ins

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