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Navigating today’s job economy can be overwhelming for anyone looking to change jobs, re-enter the workforce, or cultivate new opportunities for employment. According to a recent Forbes article, these challenges are largely the result of a broken system within finding a job is akin to playing the lottery, and employers getting new hires signed on is even harder. It is our observation that employers are equally frustrated by talent searches which are costly, time-consuming, and often don’t yield qualified candidates. JobMorph seeks to develop an alternative approach, which we believe, will revolutionize the way job seekers find their next job and how employers hire their next candidate. Our goal is to transform the way jobs are found and how talent is secured by organizations around the world by creating NexGen Hiring and Retention Technologies in the form of an employee-first BOT-free job connection platform that provides all people with a level playing field to find their desired job and takes out the bias in hiring.

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In July 2023, we launched a crowdfunding campaign of Start Engine, where we raised almost $107K with 120 incredible investors! It was only the beginning of our quest to create the future of hiring by ending bias and making the job search process more efficient.

For the alpha test of our platform, we have decided to focus on Data Scientists. We are currently accepting resumes from data scientists, who are eligible to work in the US. All they need to do is send us their resume and we’ll present them to partner organizations that are hiring. It’s easy and completely free! In addition, data scientists who join the platform by submitting their resume, will receive a free 15-minute career consultation, monthly career tips newsletter, and access to over 15k career development training videos.

If you are a data scientist that is interested in joining our platform and finding new opportunities the easy way, please submit your resume by clicking below.

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