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JobMorph for Organizations

Where organizations learn more about recruiting new diverse talent, retaining amazing employees, and creating more loyal, happier employees.

We assist organizations to address one or more of these important challenges by offering:

  • Support with DEI, recruitment, and retention initiatives
  • Coaching for staff members on topics related to recruitment, onboarding, training, evaluations/reviews, role changes, promotions, and career development
  • An assistance program to outplace employees facing layoffs
  • Support for employees’ family members experiencing job loss or in need career coaching
By offering our services as a benefit to your employees and their families, your organization is empowering your team to advance in their professional development, address job challenges before they become major issues, decrease anxiety from layoffs or role changes, and alleviate stress brought on by family members that are facing career concerns.

To learn more about the program and to schedule a call to discuss your organization’s needs, please email us at info@jobmorph.com or go to our contact page to fill out the form and select “Inquire about JobMorph for Organizations”.

We have program models to fit any budget. Before you sign up, we hold a strategy session to discuss your organization’s pain points and needs, then we customize a program model that best works for your organization and employees. Once your program is created, you pay an annual fee based on the number of employees, which allows your employees (and their immediate family members) to receive access to first-rate career development services as needed.

We can support small to mid-size, multinational firms with English speaking employees worldwide that are looking for help with DEI initiatives, recruiting, employee retention, empowering employees, and outplacement plans.

We provide support for your HR and managerial team to create a strategy on how to recruitment better, more diverse candidates and how to retain great employees by helping to understand their challenges, needs, and wants. We help you to empower your employees with this extra employee benefit for them and their families, which relieves stress and anxiety to create more happiness and loyalty.

We can provide usage reports with anonymized data for you to evaluate usage trends for different services monthly. Then, we analyze the data with you to discuss the trends that we are seeing and share insights on ways to improve your recruiting efforts with a particular focus on integrating the voice of diverse candidates.

We can also run quarterly virtual workshops for your team focused on what we are learning from professionals that we are working with to help your team better understand what trends we’re seeing, what employees are saying to us, and opportunities there are to improve your recruitment and retention programs.

In addition, we cover Application UX, Job Postings, Interview Loops, and many other topics – sharing insights from job seekers about what they really want and reasons why internal candidates are driven to seek external opportunities.

Expert advice for our coaching team and stellar solutions that can drive remarkable results for your organization. We’ll focus on support that leads to promotions, happier work relationships, more efficiency, greater confidence, personal growth, and better understanding of skills, aptitudes, and interests.

Your employees will receive 1:1 coaching sessions designed to help them navigate topics like career advancement, performance review prep, applying for a new role within the company, hiring a new team member, advice on job challenges and much more. Having an external person to speak to can empower employees to be more open, which can lead to amazing outcomes.

You choose what you want to offer – the program is completely customizable to your organization.

Strategy Sessions – Spend time 1:1 with our founder, Maryse Williams to create a strategy for how to grow your team, create more contentment in the workplace, add diversity to your team, and more. Maryse is passionate and easy to talk to. She’s deeply committed to helping organizations be successful and employees be happier in their roles. Her objective, above all else, is to listen and understand the challenges her clients face and to provide thoughtful options to consider as solutions.

1:1 Coaching – The JobMorph Coaching Session provides that safe space to seek career guidance on topics like career advancement, recruiting for an open role, improved communication with team members, and facing job challenges.

Career Assessments – We’ll share with you tools you can use to help your organization better understand your employees’ skills, talents, abilities, and aptitudes.

Outplacement and Employee Family Assistance Services – If your organization experiences a change or goes through a layoff, we offer services to help employees prepare to search for a new role and land a new job. We also can help employees’ family members, who may be looking for a new opportunity with these same services. They have access to all client services offered in our Career Coaching Pass, which are listed below.

  • Career Strategy – To start their career journey, clients will get 90-minutes with our founder, Maryse Williams to come up with a plan to help them succeed.
  • 30 min 1:1 Coaching – Clients can decide when they want to connect with their coach based on their schedule. The 1:1 coaching session provides that safe space to seek career guidance. It can be used for progress updates, live interview practice, etc.
  • Resume – Good resumes get interviews for good jobs. The JobMorph will get to know the client through a strategy session, current LinkedIn, and resume (where available) to craft the perfect resume for them.
  • Cover Letter – Cover letters are vital for professionals. We will work with the client to create one (or revise one) that expresses who they are, what they bring to the table, why they are here today, and why they are seeking this role, we will make sure it has the tone and format expected for the roles they are seeking.
  • LinkedIn Optimization – There’s no doubt that the platform can be very valuable to professionals, but many don’t know all the features and benefits for the free version (or premium membership). We’ll show the client these and help them to better understand how to make full use of the tool.
  • Weekly Job Leads – We’ll find new job leads that we think are a good fit for the client, so they don’t have to comb the job boards (that have over 10 million jobs listed). We make it easier by finding roles that we see as strong matches for them, presenting those specific opportunities to them to review, and then, assisting with the application process.
  • Job Search Automation – Through technology, we’re able to help professionals stay incredibly organized, see their performance metrics, and automate aspects of their job search. It’s all designed to help them be more efficient and cost effective, so they get the results they want quickly.
  • Career Assessments – We’ll share tools that clients can use to help them decide what’s right for them as a next step in their career. Tools that can offer real insights to help the client better understand their skills, talents, abilities, and aptitudes.
  • Live Interview Practice – The client can practice interviewing with a JobMorph coach. We want them to be ready for any opportunities that come their way. In addition, we want them to continually improve, learn from mistakes made, and perfect their answers to common questions while getting more comfortable for when they are under the pressure of being interviewed by recruiters, hiring managers, and the higher ups.
  • AI Powered Interview Practice – This tool is powered by Big Interview, which is a cloud based, job interview training system. It is used by over 1M+ job seekers and 600+ organizations & universities. It allows clients to deep dive into expert video lessons, gain actionable knowledge on how to ace their dream-job interview, and practice their answers through AI-driven mock interview experience. They walk away feeling confident and ready to win the job they always wanted.
  • Group Mentoring – We offer group coaching sessions with Maryse 3x a week. In the sessions, clients will hear from her about specific tactics that consistently work. Each session is 50 minutes long and recorded, so they can attend LIVE or watch it at their convenience. Topics include Salary Negotiation, Networking, Ask Me Anything, and many others.
  • Facilitated Networking – We will facilitate connections between the client and others, where we think there could be a real opportunity for a mutually beneficial long-term, professional relationship. We’ve introduced clients to their future employers as well as to their new BFF, mentor, or colleague. The idea we have is to act as that bridge between them and someone we believe they should know; helping make that critical introduction that’s often needed to get things started.
  • Networking Coaching – Over a four-week group course, we’ll cover (in depth) three highly successful techniques for making professional friends, fostering those relationships, and leveraging them for company referrals. There will be lots of take-away materials that go along with the course. Get ready to go from novice networker to ninja networker!
  • Salary Negotiation – Our coaching experts will assist clients step by step in their offer negotiations with their new employer helping them understand the offer, assist in crafting the counter, roll playing the presentation they will make, and be there for them via text and phone for advice, as needed, until they close the deal. In addition, clients will have access to a video library specifically on this topic to get the most out of their job offer.
  • First 90 Days Support – To make sure clients have a successful transition, we provide a collection of resources to make them comfortable and confident for the first 90 days in their new role. We want them to be successful and love their new career!
Absolutely! We allow for a 30-day trial period, where we highly recommend choosing a group of employees to test JobMorph. We’ll even help you figure out what’s the best group size to get results and work with you to identify which population within the organization to use.
We’ll run virtual sessions to orient your HR and managerial team first. We want them to understand JobMorph services, so they can recommend them to their team (and answer questions ad hoc as might come up). We’ll then orient the rest of your employees and provide monthly orientation for new employees, as they join. All trainings are virtual, recorded, and provide opportunities for Q & A. Before you get that first monthly report, we’ll do some training so you understand the data you are seeing and can easily interpret findings.

Ready to learn more? Please email us at info@jobmorph.com or go to our contact page to fill out the form and select “Inquire about JobMorph for Organizations”. Then, we will schedule a brief call to answer your questions, walk you through annual costs, and the ROI we’ve seen with our JobMorph Partners.

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