Our Team

Maryse Williams


Maryse knows how to get people jobs. And she put that knowledge from 30+ years helping 32k+ job seekers into the JobMorph program. And she’s constantly adding and improving the JobMorph program based on her insider information from the tens of thousands of recruiters and job seekers across the world that she’s connected to.

Imane Dahni

Director of Admissions

Imane knows how to help job seekers take that next step in their futures. And one of the most special things we do at JobMorph is provide every job seeker with one free consultation with Imane giving the opportunity to benefit from her 10+ years of experience helping thousands take that next step toward a dream job.

Kimberly Smith

Director of Client Sourcing

Kimberly knows how to help job seekers figure out what their “must haves” are for a dream job. And how to embrace and leverage technology to optimize the job search. Just like she helped thousands of her real estate clients over the last 20+ years find their dream homes, and thousands master tech as a Corporate Tech Trainer for 10+ years, she now helps her JobMorph clients find their dream jobs

Tony Louderback

Director of Coaching

Tony knows how to help job seekers achieve their goals. Their goal to get an interview. Their goal to get that big offer for their dream job. With 20+ years of experience as a recruiter, he has a deep, multi-layered understanding of HR practices and can truly give you insights into the minds of hiring managers.

Our Clients -
Who they Are

We aim to teach you the tools to compete and succeed in the new virtual job search environment. 

Finding a job now is different. You have to be prepared to perform well in the current environment — to make that great impression virtually, to build rapport virtually, to get that real job virtually. And our program gives you every advantage so you are fully prepared and ready to achieve!

Why Choose JobMorph

JobMorph was founded to give job seekers the expert knowledge and skill set to secure more interviews, more offers, and the jobs of their dreams.  The program provides a job seeker with an experienced coach with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the recruiting process to help you, step-by step,  until you accept a job offer.  The coach is right there with you guiding you, answering your questions, making sure you are getting interviews and offers.  And then the coach is right there to help you negotiate the offer so you get the best possible package you can.   Literally every single week, you are receiving coaching on how to be more effective at finding positions, applying, interviewing, and then negotiating the offer.   And, for most clients, results from this expertise are immediately clear.  A boost in confidence, for sure!  But also, clients experience more interviews and often, for the first time in their lives, more offers.  

Of course, it’s possible to learn everything your coach knows on your own.  But the idea of JobMorph is to accelerate that knowledge and assure that you don’t just know how to negotiate the offer, you can successfully negotiate an offer.  We teach you how to create effective resumes for yourself, how to build a cover letter, and how to answer even the most difficult interview questions. 

More importantly our idea is that the time you save scanning the internet reading hundreds of blogs or watching thousands of videos or scanning hundreds of jobs you are not qualified to do, is more effectively spent applying to positions, following up with employers, and doing outreach to your industry.  So instead of being a passive candidate, you are strategic in your activities devoting most of your time to what gets interviews and less of your time on activities that yield zero results.

And it works.  Over and over again, our clients report that they are getting interviews they never would have gotten on their own. Finding dream jobs they never even knew were out there.  Being selected for second and third rounds and offered, sometimes for the first time in their lives, more than one position placing them in the strongest possible spot for negotiation. 

Plus, everyone says one thing – it’s relief to have someone to go to for help and to have access to an expert who truly understands today’s job market, truly knows how to effectively communicate that information, and can answer questions, direct them to resources.

It’s also good to have that accountability. Someone who is literally checking in multiple times a week to help keep you focused is a critical part of the job search because it’s so easy to get distracted!  And without consistency of activity, consistent results are never possible.  So, help you have that consistency is a major part of the JobMorph program.  There’s structures built in, processes that you will engage with, and programs that you will participate in that make sure you are consistently applying, doing that critical follow-up that’s needed to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other applicants, and engaging in outreach efforts.

Very few people find job searching a joy.  Or fun! Or even like it.  Often people find the process to be frustrating, difficult, and truly, at times, depressing enough to be debilitating.  JobMorph cannot make it fun, or a joy, or take away that frustration the process can create.  But what JobMorph can do is increase the number of interviews you have, give you every possible chance in the interview process, and drive up the number of offers you get.

Innovative Solutions

Offering a first of its kind solution aimed to build skills, increase you knowledge and coach you through the job search process.

Team of Experts

Our team of professionals have helped to place thousands of individuals just like you into the careers they desired.

Solution Defining

Our specific one on one coaching will help identify the solutions and tactics to employ to help you find the right job for you.

Our Clients -
Where they Work

It all begins with getting to know you — your goals, your background, and where you are in your search. Our coaches are trained to assess where you are both in your Career and you current search.  Schedule a 30 min consultation so we can get to know you better!

Inspiring Words for Your Journey


At JobMorph we like quoting Colin Powell who said, “There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”  We truly believe that what’s been missing for you in your job searches in the past is a coach to guide your preparation, a coach to keep you working hard, and a coach to help you learn from failure.  It’s virtually impossible to prepare for something when you have very little experience doing it or the environment you will be doing it in is very different than what you have experienced before.  It’s also virtually impossible to keep focused on difficult tasks alone, do them well, and do them consistently.  That’s why virtually every member of the workforce has a supervisor, a manager, a board who keeps them focused and asks the right questions. It’s really truly virtually impossible to be successful in something we have very little experience with and something where our actual experience is outdated or not applicable to today. 

Paying for expertise is something we do in virtually all other aspects of our lives.  Think about all the professionals you engage over the last 5 years.  People whose training and experience you relied on to guide you.  Now think about your approach to your career, the thing that is the lifeblood of your family and your future.  What’s been your approach with that?  Who have you relied on to guide you?

They say that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is nutty.  What they don’t tell you is that while you are doing the same thing that doesn’t work, over and over again, others are choosing the smarter JobMorph approach.  And that’s why they are getting different results. 

“There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

–Colin Powell