Dream Jobs

We need to aspire to the best work environment for us. But often we just don’t. We accept perhaps a little less than what’s ideal for us. Perhaps even we accept something that is incredibly less than ideal. Either way, the truth of it all, is that we deserve better. Working, whether from home or from a work site, consumes a large part of our days. In addition to the actual paid activity, all of us have added duties due to working; there’s arranging care for children, parents, or pets, or it’s commuting back and forth, or even courses and seminars to strengthen our skills. When you add up everything you do to do your job and because of your job, it is a large part of the pie that is your waking hours — that is your life.

Now here’s the question — does it ever make sense to not be in the best possible environment for you given that?

Of course not.

Then why are many of us doing that?

Because finding that dream job is VERY hard. And with a schedule like yours, it’s no doubt even harder. And the truth of it is that we are very unlikely to act to make a change unless the situation we are in is really bad. You have heard the term, “hitting rock bottom” as a catalyst for change. Well, that’s true when it comes to changing jobs. When we hit rock bottom and lose our job, we’re all over it! Eager to get our resume done! Signing up for webinars and workshops. It’s crisis mode all the way. But while the job is still there, even though we literally hate it, every single day, we’re making very little organized efforts to secure an interview.

And that’s likely to lead to — not trying to scare you here — but it is very true for many, many people — a full blown funk.

Take my friend Ann Mary. She’s awesome in every way. She loves her Orioles. Loves her family. But she hates her job. And she’s in a massive funk as a result of it. The funk is affecting her in big ways; her weight is creeping up, she’s not eating as healthfully as she should, and she’s drinking a bit too much every day. And most importantly, even though she truly desires to be in a relationship with a loving partner, there’s just not much left in her at the end of the day and the end of the week to pursue that.

And every week or so she tells me she’s going to do something about it. And that’s been going on — wait for it … for 20 years. Two decades. 10k++ days.

It’s truly why I started JobMorph. I started to see that to morph from where we are to where we want to be — all of us need a little “assist.” And ideally that “assist” should come from someone who knows their way around the job market, understands how recruiters operate, and how hiring managers who ultimately make the hiring decision think. I wanted to connect people who want to make a change in their jobs to people who can support them in that change. And I wanted it to be affordable but also comprehensive.

A job seeker needs a resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile that gets the right attention from the right people! A job seeker needs help finding jobs to apply to. A job seeker needs to know how to tackle interviews and to master the most common interview questions.

And that’s why I built JobMorph to include:

  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching
  • Resume & Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Job Leads
  • Interview Preparation
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Facilitated Networking

My goal is to help people who aspire to a dream job, get that dream job. And I do that with all the support they will need to be able to manage a job search, while working full-time. So that instead of dreaming, they are doing it. And instead of being in a spot they truly hate, they morph into a spot they truly love.

And it’s working. One person after another is landing in the perfect opportunity for them. Because there are many, many, many jobs out there.

Including the right one for you.

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