Job Finding Fundamentals

As you may know, there are millions of jobs being posted every single year. And millions of people seeking opportunities. But somehow the job seeker and the employer cannot seem to find one another. Sure, there’s a skills gap which accounts for some of the open jobs. But that is not the whole story. 

More than one-third of recent college graduates are underemployed or unemployed.

What’s going on?

The truth is that very few job seekers really know what to do and not do when it comes to finding employment.  And their sources of information is most often family, friends, and the internet. And often that guidance on how to find a job is outdated and contradictory. Leaving the job seeker confused, frustrated, and still with no interviews in sight or interviews but no offers.

We started JobMorph because we wanted to give job seekers something better; something that would be more effective in securing interviews and job offers.

The most effective way to improve performance (in anything it turns out according to the NIH) is through personalized coaching. That’s why we provide coaching for 30 minutes each week. The coach helps the job seeker to craft answers to difficult questions, tweak a resume to fit a job, helps prepare for interviews, and supports the job seeker to make sure they succeed in getting those interviews and offers.

We also know that the biggest struggle for most job seekers is becoming better at talking to strangers about skills and accomplishments. It’s a hard thing to do for most people and unfortunately for employers struggling to convey for your accomplishments comes off as a lack of confidence and is often cited as the reason the person didn’t get the job. Every week, we give job seekers the opportunity to practice this skill, helping to facilitate improvement through our highly successful Facilitated Networking program.

And then there’s the reality that the most effective way to find jobs is through networking. This truth has been confirmed in published research for more than 50 years. We’ve found it to be true for early career, mid-career, and senior executives and virtually every study has shown that between 75%-85% of jobs are found through networking. And while LinkedIn exists partially to facilitate that process, less than 15% of users report that they are able to use the tool to build meaningful, impactful, and beneficial professional relationships.

A major emphasis of our JobMorph program is helping individuals to network — guiding them on how to optimize their LinkedIn account; not just their profile but everything offered by LinkedIn to meet new people, reconnect with those they may have lost touched with, build professional mutually beneficial relationships, and sustain those relationships over the long term. In fact, we teach job seekers how to use the job search process itself as a platform for connecting in deep and meaningful ways with employers who hire in their industry.

We teach how to effectively create, maintain, and sustain professional relationships.

And that’s incredibly important.

In one study, people trained to be effective at creating, maintaining, and sustaining professional relationships were more likely to get hired, promoted, and receive raises. And get this — companies with more people trained in this outperform their competitors. For some wonderful anecdotal stories on the impact of these skills on individual lives, this videois a must watch.

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